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• About Us

eHome Online ® is an aggregate of non-profit correspondents in educational research. It provides assistance to online educational needs in Basic and Higher Education. It aims to assist schools in promoting and implementing an alternative mode of education delivery using the non-conventional mode, online, homeschooling intervention, collaborative learning, and consortium. With the proliferation of the Information and Communication Technology era, information dissemination has been a lot easier, and as a result, cooperative and collaborative learning process became more promising.

Research Trade Names: Home Education and Learning Programs (HELP); Homeschooling Intervention Programs (HIP); Core Lessons and Scope of Study (CLASS); E-HOME Online Learning Center ®; Compiled Open Resources in Education (CORE); Home Education and Learning Intervention Exchange (HELIX).


• Philosophy

In the early years of man on Earth, his best school is HOME. With the dawn of Technological Advancement, it has become even better.


• Vision

A global partner in providing family and learner-centered education using modern means of delivery: Advancement in Broadcast and Communications – ABC.


• Mission

Provide partnership-system and network-support to schools and other entities who wish to offer an alternative mode of learning delivery.


• Goal

Assist schools, learning centers, and other stakeholders in realizing the following:

• Nurture learners’ advance instinctive style of independent learning in a more flexible and responsive means.
• Make learning easy, cooperative, collaborative, self-paced, interesting, and viable.
• Offer learning modes that are reactive to time, pace, interest, and environment.
• Implement an adaptable system of education tailored to fit the immediate needs of the learner.
• Provide training to parents in enhancing their observational skills, and increase their awareness of the importance
of their big participation in harnessing the innate potentials and abilities of their children.
• Produce globally productive learners, thinkers, and self-reliant young achievers.


• Organization and Management

eHome Online ® is managed through the World Wide Web by a family of educators, researchers, curriculum developers, and IT specialists, while they are employed in their respective specialization in different places (US, Canada, New Zealand, parts of Asia and of course in the Philippines).

SERVICES OFFERED: Web Site Design and Hosting, IT Consultancy, E-Learning Consultancy, Research and Development, Instructional Materials & Modules, Curriculum Design, Study Guides, Courses Outlines, and Textbooks.

“WE BUILD, OPERATE, AND TRANSFER AT A VERY AFFORDABLE COST.” eHome Online ®, your one-stop-shop cyber-education needs provider!


• Address and Mail Boxes

• eHome Online ® | NW 66 ST #B4736, Miami, FL 33166, USA
• eHome Online ® | Virtual Classroom Network | Nobby Beach, Queensland, AU.
• eHome Online ® | Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605, Philippines.


• Brief Account

The concept of putting up this organization came sometime in the Mid-90s from the eldest sibling of a family formerly based in New Jersey and California. She suggested to the younger siblings to come up with an organization that can serve the educational system on the unfolding world of Information Society. Bringing all their genius talents altogether, the siblings all agreed to start this organization in 1996.


• Chief Officers

Ed M. Mercado


Al B. Paciz


Glenn A. Balingit, Sr.
Ex-Officio and Founding Chairman